At Kincaid Plastics, we utilize the wealth of experience and knowledge of our highly skilled workforce combined with an encompassing list of services to meet the customers demands.  

ISO 9001:2008  |  ISO 13485:2003  |  ITAR Registered

Custom Injection Molding

With the Custom Injection Molding department at Kincaid Plastics, we are capable of producing parts in varying run sizes and multiple industries. Our production run sizes range from 25 pieces to 200,000+ pieces. With this flexibility it allows KPI to serve many different industries including Medical, Aerospace, Defense, Marine, and Industrial Electronics. 

  • Engineering Support
  • 15 Molding Machines
  • 30-400 Tons
  • Insert Molding
  • Over Molding
  • Kanban / Stocking

Clean Room Molding

Featuring an ISO 8 (100,000 Class) hard wall cleanroom, KPI is experienced in producing parts in a clean environment to meet the needs of our Medical customers. The cleanroom contains 2 state of the art all-electric molding machines, annealing oven, and assembly/inspection bench. Using lean manufacturing logic, the cleanroom is setup for efficient mold changes, clean material change overs, and high standards of containment through an attached gowning room and parts pass-through. 

  • ISO 8 / 100,000 Class
  • Hard Walled
  • Contained Gowning Room
  • Part Pass-Through
  • Annealling
  • Assembly / Inspection

Custom Tooling Solutions

With a tool shop located within KPI’s facility, we are able to offer multiple advantages to our customers. The key advantage being control and convenience. This means one source for our customer, immediate availability to sample, and instant feedback and quick response on adjustments from the sampling. Furthermore, we are capable of producing aluminum and steel molds depending on the application. 

  • In-House Tool Shop
  • Dedicated Mold Repair
  • Dedicated Mold Maintenance
  • Alternative Tooling Options
  • Machining
  • In-House Tool Design

Secondary & Assembly

To best service our customers needs, Kincaid Plastics offers many secondary services to reduce the supply chain burden the customer, and deliver a complete product. As our customers needs expand so do our services. Currently we offer many finishing and assembly services in-house, however, we have an extensive list of suppliers for specialty finishing services we do not offer in-house. 

  • Assembly
  • Sonic Welding
  • Heat Staking
  • Machining
  • Hot Stamping / Pad Printing
  • Painting / Plating / Chroming / Vacuum Metalizing (Outside)

Quality Control

With any world class manufacturing organization quality control is of the utmost importance, at Kincaid Plastics this is no different. We are certified to ISO-9001 and ISO-13485. Our quality department is equipped with all the equipment necessary to assist in maintaining high quality standards, such as an optical comparitor, Micro-Vu vision system, CMM, calipers, gauges, etc. KPI features auditors on all 3 shifts, personnel dedicated to document control, as well as the maintenance and execution of our Certified Operator Program. 

  • ISO-9001:2008
  • ISO-13485:2003
  • Document Control
  • Final Inspection
  • First Article Inspection Reports
  • 24 Hour Auditing